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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes all of our vehicles come with a 7 day
    money back guarantee so that gives you enough time to see if the car is what you
    thought it would be. You can purchase up to 48 months of warranty with our partner

    If you are within 50 miles of us, delivery is free! If you are outside
    you will have to pay a relative fee. This fee is calculated on the miles. We promise
    that our prices are the most competitive in the UK. However if you go through our
    Source My Car service, delivery is free!

     The simple answer is YES! Once the quotation price is
    agreed, someone within the team will collect your car, and you will be paid instantly
    on the spot.

     Yes! Enjoy our lifetime relationship service. This
    will give you access to service, take your car for MOT and carry out other
    maintenance checks with specialist garages we have. You benefit from having a trust
    worthy garage take care of your Used car.

    Yes! We put take photos so you see the full
    picture of the car through the screen. We also offer live online viewings of all our
    used vehicles. You can also ask any questions you may have during this viewing|?

     We’ll fit protective covers to the door
    handles and gear stick to keep your car safeguarded. Our delivery Specialist
    will wear PPE and all handovers take place from a safe distance of at least 2
    metres. They’ll also remain outside of your car whilst they talk you through the

     There is no need. All of our
    vehicles are prices as the most competitive price there is. If you find a cheaper
    module in the same spec then we will price match it!

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